Life Academy conducts EMPOWER LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME – an ongoing series of life transforming experiential training programs during which you learn the fundamental principles of being a leader and how to design your own life. You begin to realise that you no longer need to let circumstances lead and direct your life. Instead you learn how to lead and direct your life based on your own values. Your attitude of life undergoes a total transformation and you begin to see clearly what is stopping you from living the life you dream.You get a vision of what is possible for you in life.

The programs covers the following topics / aspects of life :

  • Neuro linguistic programming (NLP)-The Science of Excellence.
  • Inner Universe- The journey within yourself .
  • RPM of life – The speed at which your Goals get realised.
  • Communication – Express without distress
  • Emotional Intelligence – Understanding the wisdom of feelings
  • Love Actually – Secrets of great Interpersonal relationships
  • Time of your life – Time management techniques.
  • Perform under storm – Stress management strategies
  • Cashflow – Dynamics of Money and Wealth creation
  • Born Again – Creating a new possibility for your life
  • Open Sesame – Keys to unlock your creativity
  • Wish Craft – The art of getting what you really want
  • Sales Magic – Selling your ideas, products and services succesfully
  • Beyond Barriers – Breaking free from all mind blocks
  • Made for each other – Secrets of a Happy Marriage.
  • Hey Baby- Lessons in Positive Parenting
  • Total Recall- Super Memory techniques.
  • Fitness Fundas- Program for Health and Vitality.
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