Dr. Balasubramanian Kalyanaraman

Ashraf is a great EnterTRAINER and a wonderful facilitator. His Glass walk, Fire walk, OBT games, demonstrations & exercises are well known among the clients. Through his firm LIFE ACADEMY he has been developing lots of young talents in the field of L & D. His programs are always houseful. He is great connect between various Training related forums. I wish him the best.

Dr. Balasubramanian Kalyanaraman, CEO, Vision Unlimited http://www.visionunlimited.in/ January 27, 2017


Milind Jadhav

I met Ashraf and started attending Life Academy Programs in 2009. I would mark that period as one of the biggest turning points of my life. In Ashraf, I have found one of the wisest people I had ever met; one who understands/embraces life fully and lives it to the fullest while at the same time dedicates his time to selflessly sharing his knowledge and learning with anyone who is open and curious. As a trainer he is phenomenal. The wisdom and the experiential style he brings into his programs will touch every participant of his programs, just the way they touched me. To me, he is an embodiment of the word "AMAZING"!

Milind Jadhav, Certified LIFE Coach http://www.milindjadhav.com/ January 27, 2017



Ashraf is a great trainer, with very deep insights about life and living. I find that in all the training programs conducted by Ashraf, new distinctions emerge, providing the participants with many transformational possibilities. Adding these to the high levels of energy and fun, his training programs emerge as "Huge learning’s with fun". I have benefited a lot through his training programs and interactions. His Life Academy is an Alma Mater for several knowledge seeking individuals and professionals. My career as Corporate Trainer has been greatly shaped by the trainings, I received at Life Academy. I feel fortunate to be a part of Life Academy.

G.Ramasubramanian, B.E., M.B.A., Msc ( C & P ) Corporate Trainer, Master NLP practitioner, Therapist and Success Coach, Head (Training) - Excel HR www.excelhr.co.in January 27, 2017



I know Mr.Ashraf, the director of Life Academy since 2008. He has contributed greatly on inspiring People to be better positive individuals through his Training programs at Life Academy. He is an asset to Training consultants to be a lifelong learner as he sources and markets Training tools. Ashraf also organizes high Quality Training programs for all of us to sharpen our Thoughts. I as an individual have found him to be empathetic and resourceful whenever I approached him. I wish ASHRAF and LIFE ACADEMY Great success.

Padmaja.S.N, Chief Training consultant ,Victory Insights, January 27, 2017

V Ramasubramanianm


I commend Ashraf for his good performance in Life Academy as a Trainer and facilitator. I know him since 2003 and I found him a man of good character, confidence and promise. He brought forward good qualities such as communication, learning ability and sharing, that are needed to perform well in the competitive level. I personally gained lot of knowledge being a Life Member of Life Academy. Ashraf is a good individual performer, and a great group leader. His unconventional way of thinking helped me to learn new things in the most efficient and economical ways. I wish Ashraf all the best for his future Endeavour.

V.Ramasubramanian,Management Consultant,FCMA, CFA(I),MBA,FRM Mobile: 9840340719 January 27, 2017


Ravi Padmanabhan

I have been part of several workshops and public training programs done by Ashraf as part of Life Academy. The programs are designed like 3 hour mini workshops which give us enough time to apply in our life and come back for more. I also was part of his NLP workshops and Creativity workshops which are a mix of fun and gyan. Do sample some of his workshops and am sure you will join the club

Ravi Padmanabhan, Wealth Coach, Value Investor, Portfolio Manager http://www.chennai-investors-club.com March 7, 2017



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